Orvis & Orvis Buyer Services

Orvis & Orvis provides expert real estate services for buyers of all types of residential property: single family houses, condominiums, multi-family properties and residential vacant land. We are expert negotiators familiar with every aspect of purchasing.We work throughout the Seattle area, south Snohomish County and King County. Orvis & Orvis advocates for our clients and we love what we do!

We offer our buyers:

Efficiency: We are proficient at sorting through available properties to find homes that meet your needs. Our MLS tools provide advanced search functions more detailed and specific than the public sites available on-line. We send you properties that specifically meet your needs and we save you time by previewing potential properties before we show them to you. Access: We have access to all homes listed for sale through our industry standard electronic key-box system. We can show properties when you want to see them and we can show you new listings right away.

Market Knowledge: We work with you to help you understand current market values. Our years of experience help us interpret recent comparable sales and determine a favorable offering price for your purchase. We have a keen eye for value gleaned from years of touring houses and attending inspections.

Negotiation Expertise: We are experts at negotiating the best price and terms for your purchase. We work with you to explain the needs and conditions pertaining to a given seller and property and we work with the seller’s agent to help them understand the favorable nature of your offer. We have experience in all types of markets. In both a seller’s and a buyer’s market, we can recommend ways to increase the attractiveness of your offer. We have a very high success rate on offers submitted.

Inspections: We have cultivated a network of industry experts from home inspectors to engineers to help you understand your purchase. We guide you through the inspection contingency process and negotiate on your behalf.

Closing Knowledge: We follow your purchase through closing, tracking contingencies, communicating with the escrow company and mortgage brokers, advising you through the preparations for closing and moving. No Cost to Buyer: Our compensation is commission based and paid out of closing by the selling party. In rare cases where no commission is offered, payment arrangements are negotiable.